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It all starts with a consultation. This early stage will set the course for your project. Consultations come in many forms; from a one-off visit in providing you a sounding board for your own plans through to a full design process.

Many of us here in New Zealand like to get outside and develop our gardens ourselves. This is where a one-off or series of staged consultation can be very helpful. Obtaining professional input through the various stages can ensure that you get the right advice at the right time throughout your self-managed project. This form of consultation will provide confidence on your next move within the garden and allow you to plan and budget your next move. Alternatively, we can undertake as much of the full design and construction process as you wish.

Design consultations give you a good starting point towards how you would like to have your garden look. Suggestions on thematic styles and their practical considerations will give you a better understanding of the finished format, and allow you to consider ideas within the themes you are considering. Detailed sketches, concept and planting plans will then give you a clear visual interpretation of the completed garden.

Construction consultations provide a wide variety of assistance, from building techniques to suggestions on the materials to use. Building techniques and materials are constantly evolving and, as designers, we keep up to date with new developments within industry channels.

Looking after the finished product is essential to keep your investment looking fantastic. A garden maintenance consultation can be of significant benefit; suggestions on lawn and plant care, seasonal or monthly maintenance and ways to keep the structural side of your garden clean and sound are some of the areas we advise on. Most clients would prefer not to be a slave to their garden and this is where we can help to make your time in your garden rewarding and satisfying. With garden maintenance being a crucial part of the garden’s development, we give careful consideration to this factor within our landscape designs.

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