Welcome to Pasley Park Landscape Co.

Since its establishment in 1984, Pasley Park Ltd has completed a wide range of landscaping projects with dedication to service, quality product and nature. We bring to our work nearly 30 years of experience in garden creation in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, in areas as diverse as small city gardens, large rural landscapes, schools, subdivisions and farm development.

Today there are many ways to enhance your property and landscaping is an important component towards achieving this. With the right landscape design, the smallest gardens are easily on a par with larger properties in creating a hugely beneficial change to your environment. Smaller gardens can enhance your home environment by creating an extra living space extending from a particular room. Larger gardens are generally made up of a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ that link together, capturing both visual benefits and the practicality you require.

The use of space is key to any landscape design. Effective design will enlarge the area visually and spatially while enhancing the features within. Large or small, every outdoor area offers a unique opportunity to provide you with a space that is enjoyable and cost effective.

This is where we can help to realise your ideas within the budget you set. An initial consultation provides you with a clear idea of what is achievable and the process to your goal. Whether the objective goal is to enhance your existing garden, commission a new landscape design, undertake landscape construction, maintain your property or just a one-off consultation, we can assist you at every step to ensure an easy transition is made and that you are delivered the best service and product along the way.

Landscaping is a significant factor in your property investment and we believe it is well worthwhile to consider landscape budgeting within any building project. The end result will greatly enhance both your enjoyment and your overall investment in the property.